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Associate Director/Director/Senior Director

Job Description

We are seeking one Associate Director/Director or senior Director to join KCI BioTceh (SUZHOU)Inc. (KCI).

 This position will be based in Suzhou, Jiangsu, P.R.China. The position is for an experienced in vivo

 preclinical and pharmacological study to provide scientific leadership and mentorship to KCI

Research and Development, and actively contribute to the preclinical disease model

development, especially in cardiovascular and inflammatory disease areas.

The successful candidate will be responsible for designing and interpreting

research-based pharmacology studies for the purpose

of developing novel, safe drugs (biologics)

intended for human use. You will work closely with veterinary doctors, biologists,

anatomic pathologists and toxicologists, providing expert analysis and interpretation

 of the disease models and efficacy studies. Your responsibilities will include working

 with the in-house technologists to continually improve our capabilities and strengths.

You also will directly report to Chief Executive Officer.


The successful candidate will have DVM / MD, or equivalent professional veterinary

degree or master degree, PhD.Excellent written and verbal communication skills and

 the ability to work independently and in teams are essential.



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