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Kidney Diseases

Date: 2017-09-05

Acute renal injury model
Ischemic reperfusion injury models in rodents

Acute rat renal ischemia reperfusion injury model. Ischemia time dependent changes in renal function

Acute unilateral ureteral obstruction model in rodents

 Unilateral ureteral obstruction model in rat showing interstitial accumulation of
monocytes 3 days post-obstruction. Glomerulosclerosis, tubulointerstitial fibrosis and
metastatic calcification (about 4 months after model)


Subacute / chronic renal failure models
  Sub-total (5/6) nephrectomy model in rats
  Sub-total renal infarction (1k nephrectomy with 1k 2/3 infarction) model in rats
  Tubular toxic (adenine toxic) model in rats


Long-Term Feeding of Adenine induces chronic renal failure model in
rat showing interstitial fibrosis and inflammatory cell infiltration, tubular necrosis
and glomerulosclerosis. Parathyroid hypertrophy and metastatic calcification are observed.

Nephropathy models
  Obesity-related glomerulopathy model
  Diabetic nephropathy model


Obesity-related glomerulopathy in DIO mouse. Glomerular en-largement with mesenchymal cell proliferation, basement membrane thickness.

db/db mice with unilateral nephrectomy induces diabetic nephropa-thy.
Glomerular mesenchymal cell proliferation, necrosis, fibrosis and sclerosis
appearing during the nephropathy development.

db/db mice with unilateral nephrectomy induced diabetic nephropathy.
Changes in the level of serum creatinine, BUN and urine glucose, albumin and creatinine.

Kidney transplantation models
  Rat warm kidney graft transplant
  Rat delayed kidney graft transplant

Evaluation of the recovery of the kidney graft function under the different
UWS perfusion rate & cold ischemia time (CIT) in rat cold ischemia kidney trans-plant model.

Morphology Changes in Graft Kidney at 4 weeks after Transplant
in rat cold ischemia kidney transplant model. Fibrosis formation in graft
kidney after transplant represented with α-SMA IHC and Sirius Red staining.

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