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About us / 公司简介
KCI Biotech Inc (KCI) is a preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing specialty preclinical pharmacology services in cardiovascular diseaese,immune diseases,inflammatory diseases,metabolic diseases and renal diseases.The core competency of KCI stems from our pioneering work and expertise in developing an runing specialized animal disease models to test drug candidates and medical devices for their pharmacological effects and biocompatible repairs.We also conduct adjacency studies in PK/PD,preliminary to xicology and pathology.Overall we provide one-stop shopping of perclincal pharmaacology services for early proof of concept of therapeutics and fulfillment of regulatory requirement.KCI Biotech (SUZHOU) Inc locates in Suzhou industry park.We have 7200sq.ft. of SPF animal facility for about 7000 mice 500 rats studies at same time;5400sq.ft. of experimental laboratorise for pathology,cell biology,molecular biology,formulation and other functional laboratories.
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KCI BioTech ( SUZHOU)Inc.

Address:Room 501,CN-12,Nanopolis Suzhou Industrial Park,P.R,China

Phone: 86 0512-69998806

86 0512-69998806

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